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Advance Digital Marketing Syllabus

Module 1

Fundamental of Digital Marketing

  • What is Online Marketing/Digital Marketing?
  • Importance of Digital Marketing
  • How Online Marketing Works?
  • Preface of Online Marketing.
  • Significance of SEO
  • Main Search Engine
  • How Search Engine Works? 

Module 2

Website Planning, Designing and Creation

  • What is Website and How to Design it?
  • How to Choose Best Domain Name?
  • Architecture of Website
  • Types of Website, Website Vs Portals
  • Static and Dynamic Website Creation
  • Website Navigation and Planning
  • Website Designing, Creation and Implementation (Without Coding/ With Coding)
  • Domain Hosting and Server Configuration
  • Developing Website on Live Server

Module 3

Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • What is SEO? Why SEO so important for Search Engine?
  • Different types of Keyword.
  • Technique for 100+ Keyword Planning
  • How Search Engine Works? Major Functions of Search Engine.
  • Types of Back links
  • Google Trends & Insights
  • Page Rank Checking and Planning
  • Case Study of White Hat SEO
  • Case Study of Black Hat SEO

Module 4

On Page Optimization Technique in SEO

  • Understanding On Page Optimization
  • Site Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Meta Tag Development
  • Canonical Implementation
  • Creating Site Map
  • Creating Robots File
  • Optimizing SEO Content / Duplicate Contents
  • Keyword Density
  • Internal Linking
  • Image Optimization and Management

Module 5

Off Page Optimization Technique in SEO

  • Directory Submission
  • PPT / PDF Submission
  • Google Map Creation
  • Social Book Marking and Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release & Forum Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Business Local Listing
  • Blog Commenting
  • RSS Creation & Submission
  • Understanding Google Tools like Google Analytics, Google Web Master, Google Adword

Module 6

Search Engine Marketing SEM/PPC/AdWord

  • Plan and Run Ad word campaign & Generate Leads
  • Understanding Advertising Goals
  • Keyword Research 
  • Creating Campaign, Ad Group & Optimization
  • Biding Strategy & Technique
  • Campaign Reporting, Billing and Accounts
  • Understanding PPC- Pay Per Click
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Understanding all types of Advertisement Strategy and Implement it Effectively
  • Re targeting and Leads Generation for Business/ Goal Success

Module 7

Social Media Marketing Planning

  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Google Etc
  • Creating Strong Profiles/ Pages / Groups
  • Product Brand Promotion Activities
  • Using Marketing Apps and Plugins
  • Branding and Lead Generation
  • Database Management
  • Lead Re Targeting for Success
  • Hash Tag Implementation and URL Submission
  • Turning Social Media into Money Making Tools

Module 8

Affiliate Marketing for Passive Earning

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Product and Service Marketing
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer for Assure Passive Earning
  • How to Sell Products or Services through Other Website
  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing and become registered affiliate marketer  for Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal and other Agencies
  • Start Passive earning from Affiliate Marketing
  • Practical Knowledge about earning online by referrals

Module 9

Online Reputation Management

  • Brand Building
  • Promoting Brand Awareness
  • Positive Brand Building 
  • Convert Negative Brand to Positive Brand for Best Management
  • Rebuilding Brand Images and Awareness
  • Brand Building Tools and Apps
  • Review Brands Reputation for Client and Earn Profits

Module 10

Geo Targeting - Local & International

  • Launch Local, National & International campaign and generate leads
  • Website Planning Based on Geographic Targeting
  • Keyword Selection Based on Geographic Targeting
  • Internet Marketing Tips and Technique for Best Geo Targeting
  • Making your services / products more successful

Module 11

E commerce Planning and Case Studies

  • Plan & Start e commerce Business for yourself and clients
  • Understand National & International e commerce market
  • E commerce planning strategy 
  • Become e commerce website  seller
  • Tips and Technique to Get success with  e commerce platform

Module 12

Content Marketing and Management

  • Important of content marketing and management
  • Tips and Technique to writing good content for targeted goal
  • Content Team Management and Distribution
  • Authors Profile creation 
  • Making content for various networks 

Module 13

Web Analytics and Traffic Management

  • Setting up Goals and Tracking
  • E commerce Tracking
  • Traffic Tracking & Analysis
  • Creating Funnels

Module 14

Email Marketing / Auto Mail Delivery

  • Implementing effective email campaigns
  • How to create a HTML Email
  • Designing Principal for Email Newsletters
  • Choosing the right Partners

Module 15

Mobile Marketing for Fast Growth

  • The Development of Mobile Marketing
  • Various Forms of Mobile Marketing
  • Geo Targeting Your Campaign for Smart Phones
  • Measuring & Managing your Campaign
  • How Consumers uses Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Advertisement & related case studies

Module 16

Video Marketing-Branding & Lead Generation on Youtube

  • Video Creation
  • Uploading and Managing Videos
  • Optimizing Videos for Search Engine/  SEO for Videos
  • Creating Channels & Promoting Videos
  • Brand promotions through YouTube
  • Advertising on YouTube 
  • Generate Leads, Do Brand Building, Make Videos and Ads on YouTube 

Module 17

Video Management - Recording, Editing, Voice

  • Video Shooting
  • Video Editing 
  • Voice Over for Videos
  • Thumbnails Designing and Integration
  • Image and Video Integration in Other Video
  • Video Cropping, Join, Merge more than one video and finalizing Complete Video
  • Starts Passive earning from YouTube 

Module 18

WordPress / Blogging for Passive Earning

  • Understanding Blog and Their benefits
  • Creating Blog on WordPress/Blogger
  • Designing Money oriented Blog
  • Targeting the clients and grow blog
  • Geo Targeting for Blog
  • Keyword Planning and Implementation for Blog
  • Implement Multiple Application for Blog with Case Studies

Module 19

Fundamental of Ad sense for Passive Earning

  • What is Ad sense ?
  • Understand and Plan Ad sense for Your Own Website/Blog
  • How to get approval for Google Ad sense
  • Understand the rules for Blogging
  • Placing Ads on your Blog/Website
  • Learn to Earn Money through Ad sense

Module 20

Portfolio Design & Earn Money as Freelancer

  • How to Begin from scratch and quickly build a portfolio.
  • How to Find Clients Fast 
  • How to do branding and marketing yourself
  • How to Build your own website to attract Freelancer Projects
  • Tips to find most profitable projects and drop the rest.
  • How much Charge from client 
  • How to earn Money easily during work at home or Freelancing 
  • Practical Tips on Working as Freelancer & Earning upto 50k Per Month 

Module 21

Job Interview Training - Get Ready for Joining

  • Planning for strong online profile and CV for Interview
  • Mock Test / Interview Question Answer Preparation
  • Communication and Personality development achievement
  • Tips for Cracking Interview
  • Negotiating for salary 
  • Finally Join for Job and achieve success in career