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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the biggest thing to happen to the internet since Google! We, at Digital Expert have vast experience in harnessing this medium for benefiting our clients. Digital Expert has tremendous experience in creating and managing social media account on all popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business,  YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Pintrest etc.

Our Social media services include:

Social Media Management

Creating an account on facebook or twitter is one thing and managing them is another. Managing your social media channels can be a pain at times. Team NiPSAR can help you manage all your social media channels by deploying its best social media experts to work for the same. This not only helps you drive your business online, but also helps in getting business to your door step and keeps your customers satisfied.

Social Media Campaigns

We have successfully created and executed many social media marketing campaigns on social media channels and we make sure that our clients project the exact brand image on the web that they want. Social media campaigns help our clients get more fans and followers on the various social media channels projecting tangible improvement to their quality of work.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We optimize the content on Social Media Channels to get our clients the recognition and popularity they deserve. The content drives as a secondary engine for off page SEO and helps the websites rank higher on search engines.

Social Media Advertising(SMO)

We take your social media outreach and following to the next level through leveraging Social Media Advertising. Social media advertising has come of age and help you reaching niche audiences through interest targeting. We help setting up and optimizing social media advertising campaigns to make sure that you get maximum ROI.

Viral and Social Media Marketing

Viral Marketing campaigns have become very popular in the online marketing world because they aim at spreading like fire. We have experience creating a number of viral and social media marketing campaigns for our clients that include viral videos, viral social games, posts and messages.

Social Media App development

Social media apps are cool and help to keep your social media fans engaged and interested in your brand. They can also be sources for revenue generation, lead collection and advertising. Team NiPSAR can help you create the social apps that your brand needs.

Social Media Insights and Analytics

The impact of a brand’s presence on social media channels is tangible with social media insights and analytics. We provide customized social media analytics reports to our clients to keep them up to date on how the social media channels are performing and make appropriate decisions on improving the social media content

Social Media Brand Building

Team NiPSAR will help you for branding your existing Business or startup. We have rich experience in Digital Field for Planning, Implementation and Execution.

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