Our Courses

Application of .NET Technology

1.The .NET framework (03 Hrs.)
Introduction, Common Language Runtime, Common Type System, Common Language Specification, The Base Class Library, The .NET class library Intermediate language, Justin-Time compilation, garbage collection, Application installation & Assemblies, Web Services, Unified classes.

2. C# Basics (11 Hrs.)

Introduction, Data Types, Identifiers, variables & constants, C# statements, Object Oriented Concept, Object and Classes, Arrays and Strings, System Collections, Delegates and Events, Indexes Attributes, versioning.

3. C# Using Libraries (07 Hrs.)

Namespace-System, Input Output, Multi-Threading, Networking and Sockets, Data Handling, Windows Forms, C# in Web application, Error Handling.

4. Advanced Features Using C# (07 Hrs.)

Lectures = 60
Practical/tutorials = 60
Total = 120
Web Services, Windows services, messaging, Reflection, COM and C#, localization.
Distributed Application in C#, XML and C#, Unsafe Mode, Graphical Device Interface with
C#, Case Study (Messenger Application).

5. ASP.NET 2.0 (07 Hrs.)

Features of ASP.NET 2.0, Stages in Web Forms Processing, Introduction to Server Controls, HTML Controls, Validation Controls, User control, Data Binding Controls, Configuration, Personalization, Session State, ADO.NET

VB.NET programming language

6. Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic.NET (07 Hrs.)

  1. Basic Concepts and a Simple Application
  2. Using Variables, Constants, Functions
  3. Processing Decisions
  4. Looping Structures and Lists

7. File and Database Applications (08 Hrs.)

  1. File Access, Dialog Boxes, Error Handling, Menus
  2. Connecting to Databases

8. Advanced Programming Constructs (05 Hrs.)

  1. Sub Procedures, Function Procedures, Modules
  2. Arrays, Structures, Collections

9. .NET Architecture and Advanced Tools (05 Hrs.)

  1. Object-oriented Programming
  2. Creating Distributed Web Applications
  3. XML and ADO.NET
  4. Graphics, Printing, Reporting

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