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Internet Technology and Web Design - Detailed Syllabus

1. Introduction to Internet 02 Hrs.
Internet, Growth of Internet, Owners of the Internet, Anatomy of Internet, ARPANET and Internet history of the World Wide Web, basic Internet Terminology, Net etiquette.

Internet Applications – Commerce on the Internet, Governance on the Internet, Impact of Internet on Society – Crime on/through the Internet.

2. TCP/IP – Internet Technology and Protocol (03 Hrs.)

Packet switching technology, Internet Protocols: TCP/IP, Router, Internet Addressing Scheme: Machine Addressing (IP address), E-mail Addresses, Resources Addresses

3. Internet Connectivity (03 Hrs.)

Connectivity types: level one, level two and level three connectivity, Setting up a connection: hardware requirement, selection of a modem, software requirement, modem configuration, Internet accounts by ISP: Telephone line options, Protocol options, Service options, Telephone line options – Dialup connections through the telephone system, dedicated connections through the telephone system, ISDN,
Protocol options – Shell, SLIP, PPP, Service options – E-mail, WWW, News Firewall etc.

4. Internet Network (04 Hrs.)
Network definition, Common terminologies: LAN, WAN, Node, Host, Workstation, bandwidth, Interoperability, Network administrator, network security, Network Components: Severs, Clients, Communication Media, Types of network: Peer to Peer, Clients Server, Addressing in Internet: DNS, Domain Name and their organization, understanding the Internet Protocol Address. Network topologies: Bust, star and ring,
Ethernet, FDDI, ATM and Intranet.

5. Services on Internet (04 Hrs.)
E-mail, WWW, Telnet, FTP, IRC and Search Engine

6. Electronic Mail (07 Hrs.)
Email Networks and Servers, Email protocols –SMTP, POP3, IMAp4, MIME6, Structure of an Email – Email Address, Email Header, Body and Attachments, Email Clients: Netscape mail Clients, Outlook Express, Web based E-mail. Email encryption- Address Book, Signature File.

7. Current Trends on Internet (03 Hrs.)
Languages, Internet Phone, Internet Video, collaborative computing, e-commerce.

8. Web Publishing and Browsing (10 Hrs.)
Overview, SGML, Web hosting, HTML. CGL, Documents Interchange Standards, Components of Web Publishing, Document management, Web Page Design Consideration and Principles, Search and Meta Search Engines, WWW, Browser, HTTP, Publishing Tools

9. HTML Programming Basics (12 Hrs.)
HTML page structure, HTML Text, HTML links, HTML document tables, HTML Frames, HTML Images, multimedia

10. Interactivity Tools (08 Hrs.)
ASP, VB Script, JAVA Script, JAVA and Front Page, Flash

11. Internet Security Management Concepts, Information Privacy and Copyright Issues (04 Hrs.)
Overview of Internet Security, Firewalls, Internet Security, Management Concepts and Information Privacy and Copyright Issues, basics of asymmetric cryptosystems.

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