What is Off-page SEO and its Techniques

To rank a website at the top position in the search result, you have to follow the complete SEO strategy: On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO.

You cannot depend on the single method or if you think you just did the On-page SEO well-organized way and Search Engine will automatically analyze your site and give you the best position in SERP, Well, it’s just a phobia.

You have to do complete SEO to get a higher rank and maintain it with the Support of SEO strategy factors: On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO. These three factors will give your Website a higher position and grow the website’s traffic as well.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is also the practice of ranking the website but not like On-Page SEO, On-Page SEO refers to activities which you are done with the website but “Off-Page SEO refers to those activities which do from Outside of your website to improve the ranking in SERP”.

Off-page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO has many techniques to drive traffic to the website and rank to a higher position. Some Off-page SEO techniques: Link Building, Social Sharing, Online Reputation, and Other methods.

Link Building

Link building is the Main part of Off-page SEO or you can say backlinks are the heart of Off-page SEO.

Let’s dive into this, Google made an algorithm called Page Rank (PR), This algorithm checks the Quality and quantity of backlinks, But Nowadays Some Digital marketers didn’t recommend this they said this is Outdated, but deeply this algorithm is going perfectly and still Working.

You can create backlinks in many ways via Guest post, Web 2.0, Forum Submission, Bookmarking, Image Sharing, etc.

Guest Post

There are Several Sites who offer guest blogging to promote your blog or relevant Service.

to Outreach for Guest blogging, there is some requirement that you have to follow like you are a good content writer, the article should be relevant to the site with proper manners.

Guest Post + “Your Target Keyword” (Digital marketing Course)
Submit Guest Post + “SEO”

Search relevant Site in Search Engine by type a few Google Shortcode search terms. These types of keywords will help you to find guest blogging sites just outreach with them and deal with Article.

Web 2.0

The time now changes, there are many sites who do the same work as Guest post sites do.

Medium.com is the best Example of Web 2.0 site, where you can share your attractive article and explode it to worldwide.

Medium is not the only one who did the same work, bunches of sites makes this community to make web 2.0 to the next level.

Forum Submission

People call out many queries to the internet related to every topic and this is why Question answers are the second-largest option to drive traffic to site and awareness about as well. Quora is an open community to share any kind of problem. There are millions of traffic drivers every day.


If you like something you saved in the personal section to check often daily. similar like there are many sites who do the same work, they saved your web page in the database. And this type of site gives you a little amount of traffic.

Image pack

Nowadays Image pack has its own kingdom who gives a better opportunity to drive traffic and grow site ranking as well.

Social Sharing

Nowadays everyone is using the social platform, you can drive more traffic via Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

There are bunches of personalities available who are looking at the same topic or you can attract them via your post or Offers by sharing your website link in relevant groups and making your brand page to attract the people.

Online Reputation

To run a business you have to open-mind about your business as Neil Patel said about ORM 

“ Opening up to criticism and feedback seems to be beneficial for companies that embrace this new communication mode with their audience. 

  • Allowing employees to talk about products and services publicly
  • Establishing a 1-to-1 communication channel
  • Asking for feedback
  • Not hiding criticism, and addressing it publicly.

Being transparent is risky. But in the long run, not being transparent is riskier.  ”

Maintain your Social profile, GMB account, Reviews, and Testimonials. These techniques will take you to the next level.

Other methods

This is not the End, Off-page is the topic which has No end, do any kind of activity apart from the website is count as Off-page SEO. that could be anything, from talking about the business, Mention by someone your business, Email outreach, to Testimonials, there are many factors which count as Off-Page SEO.

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